Become a Child Sponsor

Touch a heart, change a life, and sponsor a child. Invest personally in the life of a child in need.

Awareness Cambodia offers 4 forms of sponsorship for each child; 2 x General, Health and Education sponsorship. The cost for each sponsorship is: $55 per month/ per child.

By becoming a sponsor, you are assisting to rescue, shelter, educate and empower vulnerable children. We invite you to work with us to give hope and a future to Cambodian children.

When you sponsor you a child you are:

RESCUING:  Sunshine House, House of Progress & Graduation House are safe places for children who have been orphaned. These forgotten children are often exploited and become the victims of the worst of humanity.

SHELTERING:   Awareness Cambodia’s response is to rescue these vulnerable children and offer protection and safety. Today we have 3 communities – Sunshine House, House of Progress & Graduation House that offer a safe haven, restore dignity and importantly offer a future through education.   Today young adults who began at Sunshine House in 2000 are graduating from university equipped to live stable and productive lives in the wider community as young professionals. 

EDUCATING:  Our children are educated at private schools in the community and supplemented by private tutoring. Children with musical talents and a love for the arts are encouraged to learn instruments and Khmer dance. Those with an academic disposition take extra classes in the more senior years. This is pivotal, as most of our children have had little or no prior education. 

NURTURING: An onsite nurse monitor children’s medication and general wellbeing in consultation with Operation Nightingale doctors.  New children arriving at Sunshine House undergo full medical and blood tests.  They often present with TB, hepatitis, are extremely malnourished and have had no immunisation history.  Our health care costs are high but we are committed to only the best medical care for the children in our care; your child sponsorship helps make this possible.

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