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West Coast Eagles visit Awareness Cambodia – a short video

Join our Business Adoption Programme

Awareness Cambodia’s Business Adoption programme introduces a fresh medium for businesses and corporate leaders to help in the developing world.

If equality and protection of the innocent is something your business values, become a member of Awareness Cambodia’s Business Adoption programme.

Involve Your Employees:  There are many ways your employees can get involved

Payroll givingEncourage your employees to donate to Awareness Cambodia through their payroll. Your company can further recognize their contribution by matching the amount they give. 

Events:  Why not enter a team of employees into a fun run or create your own fundraiser.  A great way to get your staff excited is to match their fundraising efforts.

DSC06742Send a team to Cambodia and involve yourself on the deck

We are able to facilitate a few corporate team visits each year.  Why simply read the results of your support in the pages of a report when you can see it first-hand on the face of a child!

Examples of current corporate teams impacting the community alongside Awareness Cambodia through cross cultural relationships are the West Coast Eagles, Azure and Chauvel Groups.

Sponsor a capital works program:  Why not sponsor one of capital works programs in Cambodia, or forge a relationship between your brand and ours?

By sponsoring us you will demonstrate your company’s values as a corporate citizen by giving back.

To find out more about becoming a Corporate Partner please email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible: