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2014AwareCam_Grad_House-10Awareness Cambodia’s Graduation House complex provides housing and specialised support to help tertiary students without families to complete university and vocational training. In addition it provides a secure, stable, rent-free administration and a training hub in Phnom Penh for Awareness Cambodia.

Graduation House represents a significant shift in the typical child development paradigm and is based largely2014AwareCam_Grad_House-11 on one simple thought: FREEDOM without a future is just another form of slavery. Every child – whether they are in Australia, the United States, Cambodia or anywhere else in the world – should be able to dream of a fulfilling life that includes a professional career, and not be limited by their circumstances. Through Graduation House we are helping underprivileged Cambodian children to realise their dreams.

Somphos                 Chumrarn

Every day when you watch a young person discovering the world, learning and growing is special, but along the way there are definitely some highlights! This year we were thrilled to have two students graduate: Chumrarn  graduating as a Civil Engineer and Somphos with a degree in Economics. When 2 small figures first entered Sunshine House back in 2000 it was hard to imagine how their lives would change. Now 15 years later we are celebrating their incredible success with them – it’s a journey we have been privileged to guide them through and we are so proud to have raised such strong, impassioned young leaders, determined to make theirs a better generation.