Sunshine House Kitchen Renovation

News arrived at Sunshine House that funding had been sourced and a much needed kitchen renovation was about to begin – there was a tangible air of anticipation.

Plans where sought and the revamp began in early 2014.  I’m sure many readers have experienced a home renovation and understand the challenges of trying to function in your home whilst the chaos ensues around you.  Sunshine House kitchen reno was no different; we built a basic temporary outside kitchen area for our cook.  It was tough during the ‘hot season’ as humidity soared.  A fun fact we discovered was that tradesmen are universally created the same – they don’t always turn up when they promise.   After months of hard work by December 2014 the finished result had everyone smiling again and the challenges were long forgotten!

Kitchen Before

Kitchen before kitchen before 1

A common rural cooking technique in Cambodia is to cook in a clay pot over a coal fire.  This method produces a lot of black smoke and isn’t environmentally friendly.  To bring out kitchen into the 21st century we had gas cooking appliances fitted for daily cooking.  Importantly we installed large gas rice cookers.  Rice is a food staple for all Cambodians and even breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a plate of rice.

Fresh vegetables and meat are delivered daily from the local market and a new large fridge was added to supplement the kitchen fitout.   Stone bench tops were mounted for sanitary food preparation and 4 large kitchens sinks were installed. Our dishwashers are Sunshine House ‘little people’ who are rostered on after each breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

Kitchen After

IMG_0335 - Copy IMG_0356 - Copy

A walk in pantry has had built-in cupboards fitted for food safety.   New tiles were installed on the walls and floors which has made for a clean, fresh and hygienic environment.  New electrics were installed as well as fans and improved lighting.

Pheary has now mastered the new appliances and it has given her a refreshed enthusiasm for catering.    Sunshine House produces over 1300 meals each week – that is over 5000 meals a month.  This daily task is now a much safer, cleaner in our new kitchen!

IMG_0338 - Copy IMG_0351 - Copy

This renovation wouldn’t have been a possible without the wonderful generosity of Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation and Perth College.   We sincerely thank them for their joint support to bring about the realisation of the Sunshine House kitchen.

From each child of Sunshine House and our staff at Awareness Cambodia a heartfelt thank you to Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation and Perth College.  We are absolutely delighted with our new kitchen.

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