Christmas at Sunshine House (continues)



Our little ones kicked off the concert with the Christmas story, which saw baby Jesus dropped out of his basket in their haste to exit the stage before the next item.  Everyone was in fits of laughter as they hurried to put him back into his basket.  Not to be outdone our next item was a dance routine also by our little ones.  The audience faces were covered in big smiles.  They danced their little hearts out to ‘Anhjek’ a current popular Khmer song. Our older girls performed traditional Khmer dancing, which was just beautiful to watch and the traditional costumes they wore were hand made in our Sunshine House sewing room.  The morning was completed with games and a few Christmas carols.  Working up a great appetite we moved to a delicious Christmas feast that our cooks had prepared, and was tucked into with gusto.



Tummies full, excitement mounted as we all headed back to the stage and concert area for the gift-giving. Each child and staff member received a specially selected Christmas present, sparking laughter and joy as the gifts were unwrapped. Next up, our staff, students and guests took to the stage to join in the western and Khmer dancing.

We must thank Lamberta and her husband Kevin Groves, together with youth leaders Rebekah, Jessyn and Carly from Mona Vale CLC (New South Wales), who joined us for the day’s celebrations.

Christmas Day 2017 will forever be etched into our memories.