Meng Srey is one of our scholarship students and is now in his fifth year of an eight-year medical degree. He aspires to specialise in Pediatrics.


Meng is a remarkable young man; following in the footsteps of his extraordinary mother who has supported Meng through most of his learning while working hard to support a family of five. Tragically the family lost their father in a traffic accident when Meng was just eight years old. After this loss, Meng had to work in menial jobs to help his widowed mother support their large family. However, Meng had a dream – to become a doctor and help not only lift his family out of poverty but contribute to the health and medical needs of poor communities like his own. Meng’s mother did all she could to support his dream, and had sold most of their belongings to get Meng through to his fifth year of medicine. Things were dire for the family, as they had borrowed heavily and sold what little they had. Then another student who was being sponsored by Awareness Cambodia told Meng about our scholarship program.


Meng had worked hard to get to the fifth year of his medical degree and Awareness Cambodia were thrilled to partner with him and his family to ensure that the remainder of his university fees and accommodation would be covered by our scholarship program.  Meng is incredibly grateful to be a part of the medical scholarship program and has already committed to donating 30% of his time to rural health when he graduates as a doctor. Awareness Cambodia is proud to have Meng at Graduation House, and will continue to support and mentor him throughout his time with us.


This program couldn’t happen without our incredibly generous scholarship donors. By partnering with Awareness Cambodia each donor is helping Meng and other medical and agricultural scholarship recipients fulfill their dreams.


2 Responses to MENG SREY

  1. Whilst Meng is an amazing gem to be able to face the challenges he has to get where he is, you guys are brilliant to be able to give him the final push and support. What a team!!!! Well done Meng and well done Awareness Cambodia.