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Making a difference for 25 years

In the past 25 years many charities and NGOs have come and gone in Cambodia, but Awareness Cambodia has remained an integral part of the Kampong Speu community and a leader in providing the services and programs needed.

So what is it about Awareness Cambodia that has allowed us to stay true to our ethos while evolving to meet the changing needs of our local community?

Our distinct approach focuses on education as a means of empowerment. Our team is dedicated to breaking the cycles of poverty, abuse, illiteracy and neglect to give families a chance to move beyond current limitations.

Education helps create generational change.

It was 25 years ago that we dared to dream a dream – a dream of creating a new paradigm for the underprivileged in Cambodia. We wanted to develop a world of opportunity for the children in our care, a world where hopes and dreams could be realised.

This dream led to the inception of Sunshine House, House of Progress and the Graduation House project. Within these Child Development programs we have worked hard to create a ‘better future’ for our children – and the foundation for that better future has been a commitment to education.  Going far beyond delivering a rudimentary education, our programs are designed to nurture individual talents and allow our children to explore all the educational and vocational options on offer.

The opening of Graduation House

The opening of Graduation House

Our holistic approach has seen orphaned, abandoned and abused children who came to us 20 years ago grasp the opportunities afforded by education and pursue their dreams. Today those first vulnerable children we rescued have graduated from university (with degrees in fields like civil engineering, design, architecture, accountancy, English literature, business and economics), completed vocational training and gained employment. Having been instilled with confidence and a sense of achievement, they have taken their places in Cambodian society. We are thrilled so many have not only embarked on brilliant careers but also married and started families of their own. We beam with pride as our Awareness Cambodia family continues to grow!

So successful have our Child Development programs been that we extended our reach further into the community to provide educational opportunities for the rural poor. Through our scholarship program, academically gifted young adults are able to study medicine and agriculture at university. These graduates will hold important roles in the community: providing essential medical services or delivering the farm management skills so vital to a key industry for rural Cambodians.

Awareness Cambodia’s Child Development programs are truly a unique model where holistic immersion is a catalyst for transformation – from danger and hopelessness to safety, opportunity and prosperity. With an emphasis on empowerment through education we are helping to produce future leaders imbued with hope and a knowledge that they will play their part in transforming Cambodia.