English Second Language

boy learningIn early 2014 we welcomed our new Project Coordinator, Huot Teng, to the team.  Having studied English at university, Huot is an experienced educator and administrator, he taught students at a number of international schools and supervised teaching staff. Huot is responsible for overseeing the running of the project, liaising with the Education Department and building the capabilities of the local Cambodian teachers.

Class room hands

Each month the students are tested on their skills, where there is a lot of friendly competition to rank highly – especially as the top achievers are rewarded with a special prize. We’ve found that anything featuring ‘Angry Birds’ is particularly popular!

As English becomes more widely used and more important in Cambodia, our ESLPS project will help to prepare young Angry Birds 2Cambodian children to achieve a high level of education and establish a secure future for themselves and their families.